Why we don't do seasonal sales at South Beach Boardies

Most retailers work to a marketing calendar that lurches from sale to sale, from Black Friday sales to Boxing Day sales to End of Season Clearance to Mid-Year Sale and so on. They make their garments very cheaply and mark them up significantly, factoring in the ‘reduced’ price before they decide on their ‘recommended retail price’ to ensure they are still making a huge profit.

We try to run a business that is ethical at every touch point, so deliberately overcharging customers to later reduce prices and still make profits seems like trickery to us.

It’s no going to shock you that it costs a lot to make our garments, ensuring our fabrics are of high quality and the most eco-friendly available, ensuring all employees in our supply chain are fairly paid. But we also try to keep our prices as low as we can to make sustainable clothing available for everyone.

In order to do that, we keep our prices consistent throughout the year, to make them as low as we can for everyone whenever they need to buy beachwear. We find this also encourages considered consumption - and if that means that we miss out on the money people throw at fast-fashion brands for garments they will only wear a handful of times, we’re ok with that.

Our garments are made in small batches, to minimise waste, and we don’t subscribe to trends - so there is no need to push pieces out the door before they lose their appeal.

Occasionally we will discount some end of line stock, if we just have a few sizes left in the bottom of the box. Once they are reduced, they are reduced until they are gone, or until we send them to one of the charitable organisations we donate boardies to for people in need. You'll find these clearance boardies online, and on a rack in our store, where we also sell seconds (boardies that have a small flaw but are still good enough to wear) and samples, which are awesome for the budget-conscious.

So that’s why we don’t do sales, in case you were wondering! And you can buy with confidence knowing the items you so carefully selected aren’t going to be half price next week.