Benefits of Recycled Polyester

Benefits of Recycled Polyester

High quality polyester made from recycled plastic bottles has a significant environmental benefit, whilst maintaining the quick-drying, lightweight, high performance functionality, strength, and durability of virgin polyester. 

Fighting Climate Change: Lower Carbon Footprint

Recycled polyester doesn’t require new petroleum to create, lowering the demand for new petroleum extraction. Recycled polyester production creates 55% less CO₂ emissions and requires 53% less energy consumption than virgin polyester. (Source: Stockholm Environment Institute)

Reducing Landfill & Ocean Pollution

Of the 200 million tonnes of plastic are produced every year, it is estimated that 10% makes its way directly into the ocean, where it has a dire environmental impact, and on ocean-dwelling fauna. Recycling PET grade plastic into high-quality fabrics reduces such pollution, reduces landfill, and reduces the likelihood of plastic incineration (which releases toxic gases into the atmosphere).

With any recycled synthetic fibre, there's a risk of microfibres entering our waterways. Read our post What About Microplastics? to see what you can do to prevent this.