About Us

South Beach Boardies is an independent, ethical, South Freo family business. Founder, and ocean-lovin' Mama of four bodacious beach boys, Kirsten has pretty much spent her life in the ocean, and at the beach, in Australia, Europe and Asia. Since her childhood on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, horrified by the volume of plastic and other ocean trash that routinely washes up on the pristine atoll's outer beaches, Kirsten has long been a warrior for cleaner oceans, ethical trade, and sustainable living.

For the past 30 years Kirsten has been searching, mostly unsuccessfully, for decent, ethically-made women's board shorts. Struggling to find fun prints or flattering shapes, and determined to clad the kids in clothing that helps the planet instead of hindering it, Kirsten chucked in her day job, remortgaged the house, and South Beach Boardies was born. Now it's a family affair, with partner Tim, and kids Miles, Coen, Ned & Saul all pitching in.